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Ben is a talented and skillful athlete who is always ready for different kinds of competitions. Alldis always try to find the opportunity to ride, run, and do other sports as well.

Ben is also passionate about the gym and other fitness activities. Establishing his career as a sportsman and joining peloton as an instructor is also an essential part of his professional career. Ben spends most of the time during his professional career at the rec center. Ben Alldis has won different competitions during his sports career.

If you explore his life, you will observe that he is passionate about health and sports. That is why he is working at Peloton as a cycling instructor. As per his LinkedIn, Ben is living in London now a day.

Ben Alldis Peloton

Ben Alldis Biography

NameBenjamin Alldis
Date of BirthJanuary 22, 1993
Age30 Years
WifeLeanne Hainsby

Social Media Accounts:

Ben’s Personal Life

Ben is British born and according to his social media handles he is living in London, United Kingdom. Ben is married to Leanne Hainsby who is an acclaimed cycling instructor. Ben Adllin is celebrating his 30th birthday on 22 January 2023. Ben is very popular on Instagram with a good number of followers.

Ben’s Professional Career

Ben is full-time fitness and performance coach. Formerly while working with a finance firm he wished to go to the gym for fitness and workout. He is now a training specialist in Cycle and Strength at Peloton. Moreover, Ben is educating people so they can avoid mistakes and myths.

Recently Ben posted on his Instagram and Twitter about seven myths about workouts that people should avoid. Alldis always contribute his part in the health and fitness sector to help those who want to level up.

Ben Alldis and Peloton

Fitness daydreamer Ben joined Peloton as a cycling coach after leaving the finance company for his true passion.

Alldin is really excited to connect with the members with a love of music. He coaches people around the world with Peloton and makes them part of his story. Ben is in the UK and teaches strength and cycling to his members on Peloton.

Ben loves to motivate, loves to inspire people, and loves to educate people so people can track their progress themselves.

Outside of Peloton

Ben is a music lover and loves to travel. He is always on the hunt for trying new varieties of food. Ben lives his life with the perfect balance of body and soul. Traveling, food, fitness, and music is his love of life.


Where has Leanne Hainsby gone?

Leanne is in the UK and teaches live from Peloton studio.

How long have Ben Alldis and Leanne Hainsby been together?

It is revealed by Leanne Hainsby that Ben Alldis has proposed to her in a very romantic way in Ibiza after three years of dating.

Are Ben and Leanne Peloton a couple?

Ben Alldis proposed to his Peloton Instructor colleague Leanne Hainsby in Ibiza, Spain. This couple celebrated their second anniversary. It will be the first Peloton instructors couple to tie the knot.

What nationality is Ben Alldis?

Ben Alldis was born in England and he is a British national.

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