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Becs is a fitness coach based in New York and from London, England. Pursuing her career in fitness. Becs Gentry worked for an advertising firm in the public relation department when she was in London.

Gentry never liked a desk job and a 9 to 5 career, so she found her escape in jogging. Her mentor was his uncle, who was an amateur hockey player. His uncle was mentoring her to develop a passion for running as she was already good at it.

Later Becs took the decision to resign from her position and moved to the United States of America to pursue her career in fitness. From tropical beaches to adventurous trails and to sub-3:00 marathons to exotic volcanoes and marathons, she can’t wait for the next journey.

Becs Gentry runs across the globe and never misses an opportunity to run and this opportunity is provided to her by the peloton.

Becs Gentry Peloton Instructor

Becs Gentry Biography

NameRebecca Gentry
Marital StatusMarried (Austin Curtis)

Becs Gentry Socials Media

Becs Gentry’s Personal Life

Becs is 36 years old and now in the United States where she is giving in training sessions. She spent her childhood in London.

Becs Gentry from Peloton announced her pregnancy in march after struggling with fertility issues. Fans congratulated them and some of them were joking that “something in the water” at Peloton. Because some other Peloton instructors also joined Becs in her announcement. They also announced their pregnancies on similar days.

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Gentry welcomed her baby in November and she felt herself lucky enough. Austin Curtis is the name of Becs’s Husband who is an Australian man and they share a daughter Talullah.

Becs’s journey with Peloton

Becs Gentry Peloton Instructor

Becs Gentry is from London and she is an accomplished coach, distance runner, and tread training specialist. Becs use the sport as a tool to explore the world. She has the true spirit of struggle and motivation. Gentry explores the world with Peloton.

Becs shares her experience and wisdom to inspire everyone from a beginner to seasoned athletes. No matter, whether you are a newbie or an experienced runner, you will love her way of delivering instructions and approach toward class.

You will leave her class with a positive vibe, energized, smiling, and proud. Becs will train you in such an impressive way and will make you ready for the next challenge.

Becs’s method of motivation is fascinating because she shares her personal training experiences. People often relate to her personal experiences. Gentry took everyone with her who can relate to her so they can be part of her journey.

Becs Gentry outside Peloton

Becs is an explorer and traveler spirit. She loves moving around cities and never misses a chance to explore different places around. Moving to NYC was her dream so she can keep finding amazing places everywhere.


How old is Becs Gentry?

The 36-year-old Becs Gentry is a tread instructor who trains and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

What is Becs Gentry’s diet? 

Becs Gentry consumes fish and eggs but doesn’t eat meat. Scrambled eggs with avocado, coconut oil spinach, and tomatoes home marinated in olive oil and fresh basil. Moreover, she also adores experimenting with raw mixtures and concoctions.

How fast does Becs Gentry run? 

Becs runs the New York City Marathon at an average of 6:01 min/mile and finishes that marathon as the first non-elite female.

Where does Becs Gentry live?

Originally from Worcester, Becs (Rebecca) Gentry is a Peloton Tread instructor currently living in New York.

How many miles a week does Becs Gentry run?

During her training sessions for the marathon, she logs about 100 to 120 miles per week. This mileage range is including tempo runs, treadmill workouts, and long runs outside. She gives her most effort in her practice sessions so she can achieve the desired goals of fitness.

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