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Arian is a fitness trainer and a refugee kid so this particular thing made her prove herself to everyone around her. Assal Arian German language instructor and is now in London as per her Instagram bio. As a former police officer and weightlifter, she trained herself for vulnerability.

Her previous jobs taught her and made her able to be stronger. Arian strongly believes that a strong mindset is the only way to get a strong body.

Assal Arian had pressure on her to prove herself more than others, just because she was a refugee. She faced a lot of difficulties in her life which made her stronger and more vulnerable. Now she is bringing her dedication, passion, drive, and precision to the fitness classes she is conducting.

Assal motivates her class members to strengthen their mindsets and muscles. Arian helps people to realize that you are the only person who can lift them up. When this sense of realization is developed, you become unstoppable.

She believes that there is so much power in a beginner because beginners are highly motivated so they usually have more energy. Assal makes her classes in a way so everyone can get so much energy and stamina out of them.

Assal Arian Peloton Instrutor


NameAssal Sadaf Arian


Assal Arian and Peloton

Assal Arian believes that Peloton is just like a family to her. Assal is a German instructor at Peloton and a good addition to the members of peloton. She always tries to improve her classes and focuses on proper form. She is a strength and fitness instructor at Peloton.

If you are looking for an instructor who is passionate and can push you to your limit, so Arian can be the perfect choice of yours. She loves helping everyone, who is passionate about fitness and strength.

Assal Arian Peloton Instrutor

Assal Arian is one of the finest instructors who can help you to reach your fitness goals. She is focused, dedicated, and motivated in her class. Moreover, she also utilizes her energy in her class so everyone gets more power to work out.

Arians adds a lot of effort so her students can enjoy her class and adding fun is Assal’s unique power. She is also a firm believer in fun learning.

Her previous jobs made her strong enough so adding matchless energy to her class is a plus for Assal. These are the qualities that are unbeatable and that is why she provides immense support to her peloton members.

Outside Peloton

Assal Arian is an Olympic weightlifter. Assal is energetic and loves music of every type like hip-hop, electro, reggaeton, and flamenco are the genres she loves. She gains her motivation with the help of music. This depicts her love of music.


What is the age of Assal Arian? 

As per some internet resources Assal was born in 1992 and is 30 years old.

What nationality is Assal Arian? 

Assal Arian is a refugee and a German national

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