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Compatibility is something we always look for either in a relationship or while playing with tools. It’s the compatibility that helps us to be more productive and can run together for a long.

Meanwhile, being a bike and health enthusiast, you might consider whether SPD cleats are compatible with Peloton.

The answer to that question is a little confusing because SPD cleats are not compatible, and you can also make them compatible.

The best thing about the cleats and the pedals ensures that a cyclist’s feet are securely locked in place yet still allow for a smooth and comfortable ride.

When considering these things, SPD cleats can be your first choice because, with SPD, cyclists can experience unprecedented control, power, and efficiency in their riding.

SPD’s unique design allows for a more natural and efficient power transfer from the cyclist’s legs to the pedals, providing a better connection between cyclist and bike.

Let’s dig more deeply into the question.

Are SPD cleats compatible with Peloton?

Are SPD Cleats Compatible With Peloton?

The answer is a little confusing, and it can be “YES” and “NO”.

SPD cleats are only compatible and designed for SPD pedals.

So, in that case, SPD cleats are not compatible with Peloton because most of the peloton bikes don’t come with SPD pedals.

Some of the peloton pedals are compatible and designed for look delta cleats. If your peloton pedals are designed to “look delta” cleats, you can’t use “SPD cleats”.


“SPD cleats come up with two mounting systems on another end Look Delta Cleats come up with three mounting systems”.

But yes, you can make it compatible with the Peloton; you have to change the pedals. In some cases, Peloton bikes have pedals that can be compatible with both types of cleats, including “look delta” and SPD cleats”.

Is there a form of a pedal that is compatible with a variety of cleats?

Are SPD Cleats Compatible With Peloton?

If you are considering replacing the pedals on your Peloton bike, you could be doing so because you have different cycling shoes.

Even though you have the Look Delta cleat on your shoes, someone else in your household probably wears SPD shoes.

Well, good news. It has been brought to my attention that a firm known as Fit 5 has developed a pedal compatible with the following cleats: Delta (Look), Shimano (SPD), and KEO.

KEO pedals are like flat pedals. They are clipless since you do not require specialized shoes to utilize them on a bicycle or in a peloton.

Why do you need to use SPD pedals?

Most SPD pedals are double-sided, meaning you may clip into either side of the pedal. It makes it much simpler to begin pedalling after coming to a stop.

A little screw is located at the back of the pedal and can be used to modify the release tension of the cleat. Because the pedals are double-sided, there is one screw on each side.

Regarding riding, some people prefer the extra sense of security that comes with increased release tension, but if you’re just getting started, you might want less tension.

Most cleats feature some degree of ‘float’ in the shoe-to-pedal interface for a more pleasant ride. This float allows your feet to rotate about a vertical axis without disengaging from the pedals.

The engagement may become less secure after a few years of use due to wear on the binding surfaces since all SPD cleats are composed of metal, so while they are durable, you may discover that after a few years of usage, the engagement is less secure.

It is not difficult to find replacements, and they do not cost very much.


For SPD lovers, the fact that Peloton pedals aren’t compatible with their cleats may be disappointing news, but the Delta cleats that come standard with the Peloton are pretty decent, too. Each one excels at something unique. Please let me know anything else you need about the bikes in the comments. As for now, keep on pedaling until then.

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