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Ally is a multifaceted woman who empowers youth with fitness. She is the CEO/Founder of “Love Squad”. Things are not just enough yet, she is a Peloton instructor, Adidas global ambassador, and a model. She is an inspiration and motivation for many people. There is a long list of her talents and achievements.

Ally was born and grew up in Miami, Florida. When Love was young, she met an accident in a car. She was told that she will not be able to walk normally again. But she turned the tables and made a full recovery.

Ally is a business owner, host, model, motivational speaker, and fitness instructor. Moreover, she is an ambassador, health coach, runner, and boss. She is an inspiration for the people who are connected to her. She has been featured in New York Times and Vogue as well as appearing in different shows including Good Morning America.

Ally created and founded the “Love Squad” community in 2015. The purpose of this community is to empower women and provide a facility to have an educational conversation.

Ally’s Love Biography

Full NameAlly Love (Lynn Hazan)
Marital StatusMarried
ProfessionsPeloton instructor, model, dancer, sports host, ambassador of Adidas, and founder
EducationFordham University

Ally’s Early life

Ally Love Peloton

Ally is a motivational package from her early life when she was hit by a car. She made a full recovery from a stage where she was told that she will never walk normally again. Love graduated from New World School of the Arts high school. She specialized in dance from there. After graduating from there, she went to Fordham University’s partner program with Alvin Ailey School for dance. She minored in theology and majored in dance at Fordham, where from she earned a bachelor’s degree.

Ally’s Life Journey 

Ally’s life has interesting aspects and her experiences are versatile. Ally has performed as a dancer for New York Knicks and toured North America. She signed with the modeling agency Women360. Love has modeled different ads for Reebok, Women’s Health Magazine, and Macy’s. Victoria’s Secret, Self Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Kohl’s, Under Armour, and Doritos.

Ally Love and Fitness

Ally Love and Fitness

Ally has been an arena host of the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Centre since 2012. She has the role to interview players, fans, players, and coaches during the game. Love joined Peloton as an instructor in early 2017. Her Peloton audition lasted 15 minutes before she gets hired at their forum. Moreover, Ally is the founder of Love Squad, which is a lifestyle and fitness website meant to empower women in fitness and business, and life as well. She provided a forum where people meet and support each other. She is a certified health coach and global ambassador for Adidas.

Ally and Peloton

Ally is a certified fitness coach, host of the Brooklyn Nets, dancer, and model. Love is the founder of Love Squad, a runner, and a speaker, Ally does it all. She is there to lead by example as her life story says everything about her. Love is working for empowering people to approach fitness and wellness in a positive light. When you don’t see her on the peloton you can see her different other abilities. You will find her flexing her entrepreneurial muscles or enjoying her other life goals.

Ally has a life goal to remind people that they have only one life and they should learn to live and love as early as possible. She believes that there is only one thing that can connect everyone and that is sweat, and a physical workout. She motivates everyone to work in a team and be supportive of everyone around. Ally used to say often that we have only one life so live it fullest.

She motivates her members by feeling them proud and uplifting them on and off the bike. Love has fully designed classes to remind you that you are the boss of your life.

Outside Peloton

When you don’t see Ally at Peloton, you will find her doing some crazy stuff with her life. She always tries to balance her work life and personal life. Off the training, she loves tennis, basketball, donuts, karaoke, and parties.

Ally Love’s Social Media Account

Insta: allymisslove [867K followers till Date Oct 2022]

Facebook: allylovepeloton

Twitter: AllymissLove [48K Followers in Oct 2022]

LinkedIn: ally-love-01581455/

Tiktok: @allymisslove

Ally’s Diet Plan

As we can see that she is doing multiple roles in her life so she needs a good diet plan for her. She has a really well-organized diet plan for the whole day.

Ally love Diet PlanAlly love Diet Plan

Breakfast: She drinks Bodyarmor Sports water as soon she gets up. Then after two hours, she used to have celery juice or green juice. Her current green juice recipe includes spinach, cucumber, lemon, and ginger. Then after giving her body 30 minutes she has her signature smoothie which is made up of dates, blueberries, cinnamon, and almond milk. When she needs an extra boost for the day she swaps a smoothie with a protein shake.

Lunch: Her lunch timings are between 11:45 AM to 12:45 PM, when she normally has a salad because she loves a healthy lunch for her. She has a crispy collection menu for her which includes crispy rice, avocado, tomatoes, tofu, carrots, lime, and cucumbers.

Snack: Ally usually used to have coconut water. But when she is really hungry she has cucumber and carrots. But her favorite of all time is lemon pepper.

Dinner: She doesn’t eat red meat usually but when Andrew makes steak for any celebration then she has it with spinach and mixed rice or rice pilaf. On a regular night, she goes to a curry, either chicken, channa, or fish with some naan bread and white rice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ally love work for Peloton? 

Love has been a Peloton instructor since early 2017.

How old is Ally Ms. Love? 

Peloton’s instructor is 34 years old now.

What is Ally loves real last name? 

Lynn Hazan is the real name of Ally love.

Who is Ally love married to?

The peloton instructor Ally love is married to longtime boyfriend Andrew Haynes and living in Manhattan.

Is Ally Love a dancer? 

Ally Love is a Host, Model, Peloton Instructor, Adidas ambassador, and Professional Dancer. She majored in dancing with her bachelors from Fordham University. She performed for New York Knicks at a very young age.

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