Aditi Shah Yoga Peloton Instructor Life Biography, Education

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In the world of yoga, Aditi shah is the famous yoga instructor associated with Peloton. Being limitless in work is a key quality of Aditi. She has worked as a yoga instructor in India and New York City as well. Her name is now the among top yoga instructors in New York which is an achievement.

Being Peloton’s top yoga instructor Aditi led a lot of exciting and attractive events in New York. Once she did an amazing activity with more than 2000 people in her class at a time and conducted them at Time Square.

Aditi Shah’s Life Biography

  • Full Name: Aditi Shah
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Age: Early 30s
  • Marital Status: Engaged (Lawrence Anthony Peccatiello)
  • Education: Studied Acting a Stella Adler Studio of Acting
  • Interests: Music, Storytelling, Acting
  • Previous Professions: Acting, vocalist, and model

Early Life

Aditi’s mother tells a lot of things about her. Aditi was always moving and her mother also tells a story about Aditi. Her mother says that when her mother left Aditi on the table for a few seconds so she fell off the table. From childhood, Aditi used to say that she has a lot of energy and Aditi considers herself a bit of a wild child.

Aditi Shah Yoga Peloton Instructor

It was funny at that time but now Aditi teaches meditation and yoga. Aditi is teaching and facilitating people how people can connect the breath, stillness, and calm together. And this all is for their mental peace and health as well. And millions of people are connected with Aditi on Peloton.

Other Interests:

Being a yoga instructor is not the only thing that is done by Aditi. As a model, while living in Mumbai, her work with many famous brands like Garnier and Revlon is up to the mark.


It’s not over yet. Aditi worked as an actress in India and New York too and studied acting at Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

Aditi Shah education

Aditi Shah and Peloton 

Aditi is one of the highest demanding yoga trainers on the Peloton platform. Aditi is the only South Asian, American, and Indian trainer on Peloton. She has over 600 demanding yoga classes on the Peloton app, which is of course an achievement itself. Aditi has strong stems in yoga. And now Aditi has become the latest ambassador at Puma.

Aditi Shah’s Quotes and Motivational Sayings

  1. “Do whatever feels right for you,”

  2. “My mission as a yoga and meditation teacher is to show others that practice is more than making space in your body; it is making space in your mind. One of the things that give me great joy is cultivating a community around this sort of mindfulness,”


Aditi Shah has a good number in her following list on social media. Aditi has 153K Followers and increasing day by day on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Aditi Shah Indian?

Aditi Shah is an Indian national and the only Indian American yoga instructor on Peloton’s platform.

How old is Aditi Shah

Aditi is no doubt one of the most popular instructors on Peloton and she is around her early 30s.

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