Who I am?

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Welcome to the Ridingpick.com

There’s no doubt you’re here to find out the person behind this blog. 

Let me introduce myself. 

Who am I? My Background

I’m Wilma, a 32-year-old ex-corporate lawyer, now a full-time cycling trainer, who has a dream to ride his cycles across the continent from North America straight to Europe and part-time blogger (as a result of this), where I share my experiences of buying, utilizing as a pellet, modifying as a rolls Royce and with my adventurous journey of ups and downs.

Riding Pick Author

I was born in Florida. As a child, I get my basic education, but later, we moved to Colorado where my grandfather lived in a beautiful cottage made of wood.

My grandfather taught me the elemental skills for living and surviving with basic tools when I was 15 years old. My Grandpa had a huge collection of bikes over there. He was the collector of different bicycles in his garage. 

Although my grandfather was 73 years old, he never had any health problems and always seemed healthy. Yeah! He was very hot. Haha 

My grandaPaa (I used to call him) taught me DYI skills, the importance to have a good and healthy life, the importance of adopting discipline, hard work, critical skills in one’s life, and many other amazing skills. He used to emphasize that you got your life for once and it is you who has the power to design it with your own rules. 

He was the one who brought me my first bicycle on my 16th birthday. I used to ride my bicycle for going to college, trekking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and in my town. 

I was very keen to explore the two-wheeler industry since my teenager. My likes and dislikes were analogous to my grandpa and he knew this was my inherited trait, therefore, every weekend he used to take me to the local bicycle store where they had a variety of bikes for different tastes. 

My Back Injury 

The day came when I had a nightmare. But my mentor (Grandpa) taught me that Son! Remember, a box made up of difficulties may have an opportunity inside that can be the reason to turn around your life.

I was 24 years old. I was playing badminton along with my friends. But suddenly, I felt some cracking sounds in my back which was a very thwart and at the same time very unconscious experience. I went to the hospital and find out that I have a serious back injury because of the pressure I exerted while playing badminton. My doctor prescribed some medicines and stressed to do some back exercise to heal my back as soon as possible. 

I remembered the time with my grandfather when he used to take me to different equipment stores and introduced me to different tools which were necessary to have one to heal yourself with specific problems. He also taught me different exercises and yoga as well. 

As a consequence, I recalled my memory when Paa instigate me with the recliner and told me how someone can use it when he/she is going through a severe back injury.

This was the moment when I decided to buy a recliner stationary bike for myself. Therefore, you’ll find me in every blog coming up with solutions by way of bikes.

How did I Start this Blog? 

I was a lawyer and realized that this profession is not made for me. As I was an introvert and you need very strong social skills to admire people around you. Instead of focusing on legal work, I used to scroll on the internet and read articles regarding fitness tips, gyms, yoga, meditation, of course, the latest cycling fests, launches, and so forth. 

I shared this with my family about my unusual career behavior. Amazingly they supported me. Thus, I decided to leave this profession and pursue what I love to do which I was trained to do so from my grandpa.

As I told you that my grandpa brought me my first bicycle. Impressively, I did a lot of research in my free time and read many articles, biographies, gurus, modes, and moves.

I tended to use divergent bikes by borrowing from my friends and sometimes renting them from the stores. Measuring frames, cycling with various peddles, using tricks to maximize your stamina, and thousands of other tips I learned from my passion. 

Therefore, I decided that what I had experienced, I’ll pass it to a person who has a dying passion and doesn’t know what to do and how to do it.

Nonetheless, I had the medium of internet-only where I can share my journey. As a result, you are reading this on ridingpick.com. In time, I began to give back to my Colorado community for the good of my society. 

How do I Write Articles?

The articles you read, are posted after going through different mediums. The first and most important ingredient I add is my own knowledge and experience.

I try to connect with different manufacturers who are well known in the production of the bikes. I am lucky to get a chance in almost every major manufacturing company of cyclings where they give me the providence to try it and share my experience with them to improve it more. This happens because of the love and gratitude you give to me in my blogs. All of you, who are so eagerly interested in these vehicles, are greatly appreciated.

I also do interviews and ask questions to the relevant expert about their experience with the particular bikes. Sometimes, I present your questions to them which you ask me in the comment sections. It helps me to increase my understanding and after organizing all that proficiency, I present it to you in the form of a blog.

My Ambition

My goal is to provide relevant and authentic information about every ifs and buts related to the bikes, and you’ll be greatly surprised to see how different bikes are a dependable tool for many health freaking trainers. 

The main ambition of this blog is to keep you updated with the latest trends in bike industry and give verified factuals from reliable sources. Furthermore, suggest to you the best accessories to make your biking time more comfortable and fun. 

The privilege and invitations I get for using and reviewing a variety of bikes are something that I am proud of. It is the love of my parents, my wife Sara, and of course, it is all due to my mentor, my grandpa. For me, it’s an honor to be a cause for a solution by becoming an ideal for people with health problems and over-weight. And for those who are born to ride through peddles. 

There are ways to improve and get in good shape, but it requires you to prepare your mindset first and then execute it physically. 

I’m grateful that you continuously visit my site to look for solutions. I’d suggest that feel free to contact me if you have any stories, problems, or life-changing moments to share.

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